What’s the Deal with Twitter Chats?

What’s the Deal with Twitter Chats?
June 7, 2017 Madeleine Helme

Networking events are a great business opportunity. You can use them to make new connections, strengthen existing relationships, share ideas, and more. Now, imagine you can do all that without even having to leave your bed. You can with Twitter chats!

Taking part in Twitter chats in your pajamas is optional, but the point is that you can join in from pretty much anywhere. All you need is a device to connect you to Twitter and an internet connection. If you’ve never taken part in a Twitter chat before, we’ll start you off by familiarizing you with the premise.

What are Twitter chats?

Twitter chats are conversations that take place at a specific time and focus on a specific topic. Messages from participants of the chat are organized using hashtags, so everyone can follow the conversation easily. Twitter chats can focus on a specific industry, topic, or location, for example.

Typically, the Twitter user that hosts the chat will pose questions to everyone involved. These questions are usually ones that will spark discussion amongst the participants, rather than ones that require closed answers or that have a single correct answer. Participants answer the questions and include the chat-specific hashtag in their tweet so that everyone else involved will see it. People can then interact with each other’s’ tweets to get the conversation going.

Chats typically last for one hour, but discussion amongst members can continue beyond this.

Should you join in?


But, if you need more persuading to give up an hour of your week to chat on social media, here’s why you should get involved in Twitter chats:

They boost engagement

Getting involved in conversations is a better way of boosting your engagement stats on Twitter than just posting into the void. By joining in Twitter chats, all the other participants will see your posts and are likely to like, retweet or reply.

You gain more followers

If people like what you have to say in the Twitter chat, they might even follow you to see more of your content. Try to be insightful and helpful in the chat to encourage more people to follow you.

Find new people to follow

Likewise, you might see other participants who have a lot of interesting things to say. You can follow people in the Twitter chat to keep seeing their content on Twitter.

You might learn something new

With everyone sharing their own thoughts and ideas, you’re bound to learn something you didn’t know or get a point of view you hadn’t thought about before. Learn new facts and get new ideas to help your own business strategy.

Build relationships

If you follow and continue to engage with people from the Twitter chat, you will be able to build stronger, longer lasting relationships. This is the kind of thing that can lead to new business in the future.

They’re fun

On top of all the benefits to your business and social media performance, joining in with Twitter chats can also be a lot of fun!

There are plenty of Twitter chats about marketing and other related topics. A few I’ve taken part in are #hootchat, #bufferchat, and #marketochat. For a more comprehensive list and to find out when these chats take place, check out this handy guide.

If you’ve already mastered the basics of using Twitter for business, then Twitter chats are a great place to go next. Have you taken part in Twitter chats before? What’s been your favorite?

After working in marketing for two years I decided to become a freelance writer. In my spare time I enjoy watching films and television and keeping fit through going to the gym and practising taekwondo.