The benefits of SMS marketing to consumers

The benefits of SMS marketing to consumers
April 22, 2016 Madeleine Helme

Think about how many times you check your phone throughout the day? We live in a time where our smartphones are no longer considered as a luxury, but as a necessity that we can’t get through the day without. Low battery or no signal have become symbols of fear in today’s society, and we rely on our smartphones to provide us with all kinds of information and entertainment. Because many of us have developed this dependency, businesses have are presented with almost limitless potential to tap into with mobile marketing.

SMS marketing, or text message marketing, is one area that more and more businesses are starting to take advantage of, particularly B2C businesses. Here are just a few of the benefits of using SMS marketing when targeting consumers.

Cost and time effective

Unlike other marketing methods, text messages cost pennies, and can be even cheaper when done in bulk. So, you can send an SMS to your entire database for a relatively low cost. When compared to direct mail, you don’t have to spend money on paper, envelopes, ink and postage. SMS campaigns also take you less time to prepare; sure, you might need to do some research initially to determine your best strategy when it comes to SMS marketing, but creating and sending a text message is a fairly quick job.

Delivered within seconds

Not only are text messages quick for you to prepare and send, they’re even quicker to receive. The average time it takes to deliver a text message is just seven seconds after you hit send. Plus, research shows that more than 90% of people read text messages within three minutes of receiving them, so the time from you sending a text message to the recipient reading it is minutes.

Send relevant, current information

The fact that text messages get into the hands of your customers so quickly means you can send up-to-date information to your customers without hardly any delay in them receiving the information. This gives businesses a huge amount of potential with SMS marketing. Most people are never far away from their phone, and this applies to shoppers as well. If you send a text message alerting your customers to a limited time sale you have on and they are shopping near your location, they will be able to respond immediately by visiting your store.


You can also create a degree of exclusivity to your SMS marketing by sending out offers and information that are specific to your mobile database. For example, send a text message with a discount code that only applies if you show the text message to a member of staff in store. This will give your customers an incentive to give their phone number to you and will make them feel special as they are getting access to deals that other customers aren’t.

High open rate

People have almost become desensitized to emails from businesses. We’re used to receiving so much spam on a daily basis that we either ignore or delete it. We’ve become skilled at quickly recognizing what is and is not of interest to us. As a result, open rates go down and unsubscribes go up. Text messages, on the other hand, have a much higher open rate than emails. You also don’t have to worry about battling with spam filters. In fact, figures as high as 98% have been reported when it comes to SMS open rates. Practically everyone you communicate with over text will see your message. That’s a very impressive figure, but how many of those are actually interested in what you have to say? According to Tatango, the average SMS marketing click-through rate is 36%. This puts it way above email marketing which only has a 3.2% click-through rate.

More and more businesses are getting such profitable results from SMS marketing. It’s time to think about how you can incorporate it in your marketing mix. An average of 20 billion text messages are sent each day in 2015. Why not add your marketing messages to this statistic?

After working in marketing for two years I decided to become a freelance writer. In my spare time I enjoy watching films and television and keeping fit through going to the gym and practising taekwondo.