Striking the balance between professional and personal in B2B marketing

Striking the balance between professional and personal in B2B marketing
April 7, 2016 Madeleine Helme

If your primary target market is other businesses, then the way you market your product or service will be different from businesses that target consumers as their main demographic. Businesses make buying decisions differently than consumers, and they look for different things in the businesses that they buy from. Because of this B2B marketing needs to be approached differently than B2C marketing.

Understanding business buyers

Generally speaking, businesses take more time and put more thought into a purchase before they make the final decision. Business buyers want to know as much as possible about your product or service. This allows them to make a well-informed decision about whether it is a good investment for their company. They are looking for someone who is trustworthy and credible, to assure them that your product or service will be high quality and worth the money they will be paying for it.

Professionalism in B2B marketing

When you are marketing towards other businesses, it is important that you come across as professional. A lot of factors can contribute towards creating a professional image. Your branding will probably make the first impression on a potential customer. Many B2B businesses opt for cool, corporate colors such as blues, blacks and greys to come across as more professional, whereas businesses with bright, fun colors like yellows and pinks are more likely to be targeting consumers. When choosing your brand colors, make sure they give off the right impression and match the tone of your business.

The way you write in all of your marketing communications is also very important for building a professional persona. Little things like spelling mistakes or grammatical errors on your website, social media, or any other copy associated with your business will make you seem sloppy and unprofessional. This might make your prospects think that this is reflected in the quality of your service as well. The language you use should remain professional, so avoid talking in slang or using text speak.

Don’t become a robot

All of this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add some personal touches to your marketing. Although you want to present yourself as a professional business, your customers will still want to feel like they are dealing with a real person. They want to see the face behind the corporation so that they have someone to relate to.

Showing your your personality and addressing your audience as real people will help to build trust amongst your audience. This is just as important for B2B marketing as it is for B2C marketing. Businesses often make large purchases that are a big investment, so they need to be able to feel like they are buying from someone they know and trust. They want a brand they can come back to if they have any problems or other needs to fulfil.

There are simple ways you can make your B2B marketing more personal. Start by actually talking to and engaging with your customers and prospects on social media, rather than simply posting sales messages all of the time. While you shouldn’t let your language become too casual, talking naturally will help build relationships with your customers. Otherwise, they will feel like they are communicating with an automated system employed by your business. Business networking events are a great opportunity to actually meet your target market in person and get to know them, what their job entails and what their business needs are. This give you a better idea of how you are able to meet these needs.

The key to successful B2B marketing is being able to find the perfect balance of both professional and personal elements in your marketing in order to build strong relationships and develop trust with your customers.

After working in marketing for two years I decided to become a freelance writer. In my spare time I enjoy watching films and television and keeping fit through going to the gym and practising taekwondo.