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Dear Business Pro,

When I started my journey into the world of domain names in 2008, little did I know it would be so expensive! SO many mistakes along the way, costly ones too! Fortunately the scars were followed with success due to persistence, hard work and thousands of hours of research and study. What makes a great brand and domain name isn’t always obvious from the get go. Once a brand is chosen it is like a marriage. For better or worse, it is what you will be known by and better still – remembered as. Getting this important step done well will position you better on the web and better in the minds and on the tongues of your prospective and actual clients.

We have been involved in the sale and acquisition of domain names for over 10 years. In this time, our developers have built proprietary technologies to know exactly what is for sale at any given time. We know value the moment we see it. We are best positioned to help you acquire strategically important domain names for your existing business.

For startups trying to locate the perfect brand that checks all the boxes, you are in the right place. You hire us to present you with the very best options for your budget and we not incentivized to get you to spend more than you are comfortable with.

As professional domain name investors ourselves, we save sold domain names up to $450,000 and are in the top few dozen domain investors around by NET PROFIT generated. We will ensure you get the value for your spend. Domain names are the real estate of the internet. Buying valuable assets for your business at the right price is extremely difficult to do. Buying the brand that defines who you are to your clients is essentially an irreversible decision that you must do well right at the beginning of your venture!

Many claim to be domain brokers and experts but few really are!

We’ll give you REAL options and ensure you are presented with VALUE FOR MONEY.

Some domains we have sold after having acquired because of VALUE:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  1017 .com,

We advocate on your behalf and by understanding your needs, present you with a custom list drawn from our own private database with millions of domain names that we have sorted by keyword, brandability and other key metrics as well as discussing with our industry contacts who have domain names that are not publicly listed. We will not rest until you have the best domain names available in the marketplace for your consideration. Your budget might be anywhere from $1000 to $5 million. Anywhere in between is fine! We will only present you with viable names that meet our strict criteria. We filter out anything not to standard including value for the spend. Your budget will be respected and noted and we’ll be clear in what’s possible from the outset. From here, choosing your brand identity is less overwhelming and made easy.

If you have a specific domain name(s) in mind, we will work to acquire it in stealth mode on your behalf and negotiate to secure it at the best price possible.

Our clients will save BIG and get value from an expert who is tried, tested and successful in the space. You get to work with us free from hype and nonsense. Regardless of any acquisition you make directly or indirectly through us, we do not stand to benefit based on the sale price. Your interests are all we care about! As we are successful domain name investors ourselves with nothing that we are trying to sell you, we will help you navigate all the potential pitfalls giving you access to value from the cream of the crop.

Retainer is $500.

Once retainer is funded we will schedule a 20 minute phone consultation to understand your requirements before we build your custom list with corresponding metrics for each domain name. First list will contain 5 domain names for your feedback then we will take that and have another 5-15 options. If we are doing a stealth acquisition, the retainer will cover time used to acquire the domain name and negotiate. Hourly rate $200, billed pro rata in 15 minute increments. Any unused portion of your retainer will be returned if you for some reason are not getting what you need.

We look forward to working with you.

Richard Blair