Marketing Research and Strategy

  • Productivity tips

    How to be a more productive marketer

    Do you ever feel like you don’t have a minute to spare in the day because you’re working so much,…

  • Why you need a marketing plan

    The Importance of Creating a Marketing Plan

    When they start out, many business owners ask the question, “Do I need a marketing plan?” This is especially common…

  • Creating user personas

    What We Can Learn About User Personas From The Sims

    We’ve talked about the difference between user personas for traditional and online marketing means. Now let’s focus on how to…

  • Marketing to individuals

    Why You Must Market to Individuals

    Step back in time and look at the way marketing was managed in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Consumers experienced marketing…

  • Monitoring your marketing

    The importance of monitoring your marketing

    Once you have developed your marketing plan and implemented all of your campaigns, you might think it’s time to sit…

  • Does your business have a USP

    Does your business have a USP or UVP?

    The key to success in your market is differentiating yourself from your competitors. Many companies may offer the same as…