How Businesses Are Using Live Video

How Businesses Are Using Live Video
October 17, 2016 Madeleine Helme

If you are a Facebook user, you have probably noticed the recent trend in users streaming live videos. Released earlier this year, this new feature follows in the footsteps of live video apps such as Periscope and Meerkat. Businesses have jumped on board with live video as a great way to increase engagement with their audience. It has been found that Facebook users comment more than 10 times more on live video than regular video.

Want to get involved with this new live video streaming trend but aren’t sure where to start? Here are a few ideas and tips for using live video for your business.

Ideas for live video content

The first thing you need to figure out is what you can show in your live videos. You can’t just start the camera rolling and hope inspiration hits. Viewers will be expecting valuable and interesting content, so you have to go in with a plan. Businesses are using the following ideas for their live videos.

Product demo

Show your audience how your product works and how to use it. This will show them how your product can benefit them if they were to buy it, which could lead to more sales for you.

How products are made

Provide even more exclusive content by going behind the scenes to show how your product is made. This provides viewers with an interesting insight into the workings of your business and how the products they buy from you came to be.

Product launch or announcements

Build up some hype around a new product launch or any other kind of announcement, such as a change in venue or a new member of staff. It’s a great way to spread the word and get people excited about your launch.

Stream from events

Give an exclusive look into events for people who can’t be there. This could be an exhibition or launch event, for example. Show your viewers different locations and talk to different people to give them access to the event.

Interviews and Q & As

Educate your audience by conducting an interview with someone from your business or your industry, or by answering your audience’s questions. This will allow you to show the personality of your brand and your employees while also involving the audience.

Give a tour

Show your viewers where you work with a behind the scenes tour of your office or venue. This is also a good idea for hospitality businesses or real estate agents, for example, who can give live tours of their properties and rooms to prospective guests or buyers.

How to get more viewers

You don’t want to just be talking to yourself in your live stream, so you need to find ways to attract viewers to watch your videos. Here are few tips for doing this.

Provide interesting content

Your content is primarily what will make people decide whether to watch or not. Share interesting, informative, educational, or entertaining content, anything that is engaging for viewers to watch. People will switch off if they are not engaged.

Interact with your viewers

If you have interested viewers, then they will hopefully comment on your live video. Respond to these comments either within the video itself or in the comments section below to make your viewers feel involved and that you value their thoughts and opinions.

Invite people to turn on notifications

Users can subscribe to your videos so that they get notified whenever you go live. Encourage your audience to do this so that they know when you are streaming and are more likely to tune in.

Stick to a schedule

Setting a schedule of your live streams and sharing this with your audience is another way to ensure your viewers know when you are going to be streaming. If they know when to expect your content, then they can anticipate it and tune in specially to watch you.

Think about what kind of content your business could share in a live video stream and follow the tips shared here to get your audience members engaging with your brand more on social media.

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