9 Online Business Directories to Register Your Business on for Free

9 Online Business Directories to Register Your Business on for Free
August 30, 2016 Madeleine Helme

Getting your business found online is a difficult task, but also such an important one. So, you want to use all the tools you have at your disposal to make this happen. Getting your business listed on online business directories will really help with your online visibility.

People search these websites on a daily basis to find specific services in their area or online, helping to connect you with more potential customers. Getting more links back to your website and more mentions of your brand name online also helps to boost your website’s SEO, aiding your discoverability even further. Plus, many of these directories allow for customers to post reviews, building up good word of mouth for you online and giving you a platform to respond to these reviews.

To get you started, here are a few popular business directories you can register your business on for free.

Google My Business

Google is the biggest search platform out there, so it certainly pays to be listed with any of their products. Your Google My Business listing can show up in Google’s search results and can include a lot of information, including contact details, opening hours, images, and a map to locate your premises. You can also respond directly to customer reviews through your listing and track views and other insights.


Yelp is a popular platform that people visit when looking for a business or service. Reviews and ratings of businesses are posted by customers, so visitors can see which ones are worth visiting. You can include information about your business such as its background and what it offers, as well as displaying photos and offers for customers.

Bing Places

Like with Google My Business, Bing Places allows you to claim or add a listing for your business to display on the search engine, Bing. You can add information about your business to really sell yourself, and make it look visually appealing with your logo and photos.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List allows you to create and monitor a listing for businesses in a variety of categories. Users of the site can write reviews for businesses they have visited or bought from. Other users can then see which ones have a positive reputation.


Citysearch is a U.S. directory site that allows you to search for businesses by city, state or ZIP code. This is great for local businesses to get more visibility and word of mouth online. You can add a listing for your business, or claim it if there already is one. Then, add information and offers to your listing and keep track of visitors to your page.


People use FourSquare to let people online know where they are and what businesses, shops and restaurants they are visiting. Users can also give feedback for and recommend the places they visit. Claim your listing to keep track of who is visiting your business and to encourage positive word of mouth online.


Another great website for promoting your local business, Superpages allows you to add valuable information about your business and collect and manage reviews from your customers. Respond to user reviews to improve your reputation even further.

The Business Journals

The Business Journals is a website that shares the latest business news and advice, but it also has its own Local Business Directory to help the site’s visitors find businesses in their area. This is a good one for local businesses based in the U.S.


Hotfrog is a search engine specifically for businesses. Add or claim a listing for your business to get yourself found by the 1.5 million monthly users of this search engine. You can also use its reporting tools to help inform your SEO strategy, as it identifies the keywords that are driving the most traffic to your listing.

So, get your business name out there for free to start directing more traffic to your website or more customers to your store.

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