the Art of the Brand

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Choosing the right name for your business or enterprise is one of the most important decisions that you will make. MSi offers diverse and unparalleled naming services to help match people like you to their perfect brand name!

Introducing Out-Stand-ing Domain & Naming Services

We’ll find you the best .com domain name and brand, like we did for these clients.



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Our experts will find you brand options that
stand out, represent you and stick

Our expertise lies in the fact that we buy, sell and own premium domain names and businesses ourselves

Our own private sales and acquisitions are in the multi-million dollar range

Our proprietary algorithms and custom technologies analyze the only two spaces of domain names that exist: those that are registered and those that are not

We are experts in both. This is the very best service anywhere. Guaranteed.

With MSi on your side, you will leverage all our experience in digital real estate

We will present you with the VERY BEST available options for your budget

Our private database has more than 3.8 million domain names for sale in the aftermarket right now, each independently screened for over 15 key criteria

It updates every 10 seconds!

If you can’t afford to buy a domain name that is already registered, we’ll find you the ‘best from the rest’

See our custom naming options to the left where you can grab a good unregistered domain name and brand from just $9!

Your perfect domain name and brand will leverage all your marketing efforts. Going with a superior brand will make word of mouth advertising possible, will ensure you stand out above the rest and provide your clients and prospective clients with a positive emotion of some kind, from intrigue and curiosity to an innate understanding of what you are about. MSi clients know first hand they can focus on the important work building a business with the confidence that they have a superior brand name that stands tall and can be easily remembered.

Start now with the best of unregistered domain names that can be registered for ~$10 using one of our services or use DomainRep℠ and we’ll find you the best matches for your budget from the millions for sale in the aftermarket.

We look forward to working with you!


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